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Vienna is a place that seems almost a little like walking into a fairytale book with the traditional Austrian Imperial and Baroque architecture evident almost everywhere you are followed with horse and carriages trotting past you. Don’t forget Mozart and Strauss as you’ll be bound to hear some sort of waltz passing your ears throughout your visit in Vienna. Of course Vienna and Austria as a whole is quite modern as well, and the mixture between history and modern has been blended well together to show the past and the present to the future.

We have visited Vienna now a number of times and this City with its history, architecture, food and culture every visit is as enjoyable as the previous, if not more.

You could spend a few days in Vienna or even a week, there are plenty of things to do but like any traveller you have to find what you enjoy doing and how you want to do it. Some drive (such as us) and others prefer to do tours or bus/train their own way around. For those who are driving you’ll have more opportunity to cover more areas outside the City bounds and explore a little more, but doing a tour or two won’t hurt either.

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Our suggestion is to walk around the Ringstrasse (the ring street), this runs around the centre of Vienna and also passes maybe of the City’s most influential and famous building.  For those who are wanting to see the must-see traditional Viennese attractions i would suggest to visit the Vienna State Opera, most definitely the Imperial Palace as it is incredibly beautiful and the City Hall.

Vienna does offer a free guided tour through the Rathaus (Town Hall) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm. It is also free to visit the local parks such as Stadtpark (CityPark), Burggarten and also one of the most stunning the Schonbrunn Palace. Whilst in the Palace we would recommend doing a tour inside, it would be definitely on the top of most stunning interior design and architecture that you would see anywhere.

Whilst in Schonbrunn Palace / Gardens you also have Vienna Zoo very close by. You could walk all the way up but i would suggest getting onto a bus and heading up there, it’ll be much easier on the legs considering you have to wonder around a Zoo for least 2-3 hours! See our post here about the Vienna Zoo.

Where else but in Vienna for just a couple euros you can see a-world-class opera performance, of course you’re going to have to endure it and try at least last until the intermission before leaving. I have yet to do this, i know crazy considering its the home of Mozart and Strauss but we always like to not do something to make sure our next visit we have something left to do!

Any hotel you are staying at whether a fancy or simple one will have many pamphlets of information to help you decide, if you want to organise yourself prior just head to the Official Vienna Site that provides quite a lot of information to help.

If you have decided you want to just jump on public transport, be sure to get yourself a Vienna Card. These allow for 24, 48 and 72 hours of free travel via public transport and discounts throughout all the tourist attraction and sights including some shops and restaurants. You can purchase these from the Tourist Info Centre located in the City, Airport or directly online as well prior to your visit.