The Partnach Gorge, or Partnachklamm in German, is a must visit attraction for anyone who is visiting alpine village of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria (Germany), or in fact anyone who is staying in or near Munich including if you’re visiting near by Zugspitze or Neuschwanstein Castle.

The beautiful gorge, which acts as a natural conduit or tunnel for the Partnach River runs about 700 between limestone walls that reach up to 80 meters high. They have also carved out a series of tunnels and galleries out of the rock on one side, allowing you to walk along the rushing river and also behind waterfalls.

Partnachklamm is usually open year-round except for a short time in the spring when melting snow makes the route not viable. We visited during winter as you can see by our photos below and were lucky enough to see some parts frozen and walk beneath curtains of icicles and semi-frozen waterfalls!

[divider]HOW TO GET THERE[/divider]

Walk, drive or take one of the local buses from Central Garmisch or PartenKirchen to the ‘Skistadion’ (Olympic Ski Stadium). For those who are staying overnight in Garmisch (highly recommend doing so) you can also ride the bus free with the visitors card, it’ll also offer some discount to the entrance fee to Partnachklamm.

From the Skistadion, follow the signs for a 30 minute, yes you heard us right, 30 minute walk into the Partnach Gorge. You can also if you decide to jump on a horsedrawn carriage however we were lucky enough to know someone to park right up before the entry so our walk was less than 10 minutes (haha, do not ask!)

For those who are based in Munich, you’re looking at an easy and comfortable 1.2 hour drive each way. For anyone that may be luckily staying in Zugspitze (see our visit here) its only about 10-15m drive. Quick note, for those who aren’t sure what Zugspitze is, its the highest Mountain (2962m) that shares the Austrian and German border and offers some incredibly 360 degree spectacular views and of course great skiing in the winter months. Definitely worth the visit if you’re in the area, even if its short!

A quick note, try incorporate Southern Bavaria into your trip to Munich. You have the chance to see some of the most spectacular mountains, alps, lakes and scenery in Europe just within a 2-3 hour drive from Munich’s centre!

Opening times:

The Partnachklamm is open 7 days a week except during the spring snow melt times. For more information i’d suggest have a look at the  www.partnachklamm.eu  page and download the PDF brochure which will give you further details.