Narooma is situated 370km south of Sydney near Batemans Bay and boasts amazing sea life, wildlife, beaches, bush walks, camping and even golfing – all these things together that is unlikely to be found all in a single place throughout most of Australia i’d say, untouched and not overpopulated anyhow! This beachside town and its surrounds has quite a lot of beaches to choose from, during summer you’ll find the area surprisingly not oversaturated with Sydney locals like us (thankfully) and allow plenty of opportunity for stunning white sand and aqua coloured beaches to relax and swim upon to enjoy with your friends and family.

Beautiful beaches aside, off Narooma Bar just near the beach you’ll find already some Sea Life with basking Seals on rocks (as seen below), please be aware as they look cute, cuddly and friendly they are a wild animal. Do not attempt to feed them or touch them as you may find they could possibly even attack you due to being frightened. Admire, take as many pictures as you want and enjoy their company as they’re enjoying the sun – although occasionally you may find a few playing in the water and also having bit of a debate on whose rock is whose!

For those who have a marine craft of sorts, this is area is definitely a must-boat-to destination. With plenty of opportunity to fish, cruise, explore or even tow a biscuit to have some fun you couldn’t not take your boat with you down to Narooma! If you’re concerned about where to leave it, don’t be as many hotels, motels and especially caravan parks are usually all equipped for you to store your boat safely after your day out.

Ok! Yes its 5 hours away from Sydney and you’re thinking wow thats such a long drive! It is.. but isn’t, the drive is quite relaxing and it winds through to Jervis Bay onto Batemans Bay, then eventually to Narooma with plenty of stops for lunch, dinner or just some exploring. We would suggest to get up bright and early – make it a day as it is definitely worthwhile and you may also find a few new places you want to explore or visit on your return or next trip.

Don’t be put off the length of the drive, it’s definitely worth taking a weekend or least 3 days to enjoy Narooma and its surrounds. Just think of how long do you spend on your daily commute to work and how frustrating is that drive? The drive down anywhere south is covered by mountains, beaches and greenery which is a good change from the concrete jungle what some of us are living in! For those who are already living in a beachy area thinking it is the nicest, open your mind and explore and you’ll be pleasantly surprised what Jervis Bay, Batemans Bay and Eurobodalla offer!


There are a number of tour guides that offer some great opportunity not only for photographs but the chance to actually these beautiful and graceful creatures along side playful dolphins throughout the morning or afternoon. These tours start from Narooma Wharf and depart daily in the morning and afternoon, parking is available right in front so it makes access very easy for all families, prams and grandparents to access the boats.

We were told on our tour that every year thousands of humpback whales take part in a 10,000 km migration from Antarctica to Queensland (Australia) and return to give birth. Which would also give you the opportunity to see them in Byron and Hervey Bay also during their migration trip! The cute small-large whale calves are born at 4 metres long, and if you’re lucky you might get to see 1 or 2 during the tour – we did!

For the full guide of Narooma be sure to click here to Visit NSW Narooma’s Website or the Official Narooma Website here.


Less than 10kms off the coast of Narooma there is a reserve for NSW’s largest colony of fur seals, thousands of penguins and quite a lot of different bird species such as fur seals, as well as sea eagles, hawks, terns, silver gulls, harriers and peregrine falcons. Narooma is also very well known for whale and dolphin watching, be sure to get yourself on a boat and do one of many available tours to Montague Island which you’ll most be almost guaranteed to see Seals and depending on the season Whales, Dolphins and possibly those cute little birds in white suits (penguins). These tours do also offer the opportunity to get off the boat and wonder throughout Montague Island for the day with a guided tour by a local range for those who want to find out further information about the island and its habitat.

For those who are more adventurous you can also go swimming and snorkelling off the island with the seals with these tours mentioned above! We would for a first visit maybe to head down in September and October to visit the island as this is the typical whale watching season, otherwise you could not deny a Summer visit for the gorgeous beaches, fishing and of course golfing (if thats your thing).

We didn’t do the snorkelling on this visit as it was a little chilly still, but we did see a lot of Dolphins, Whales and Seals that will make your nose fall off – they’re quite smelly, but cute and very playful