Located in Germany, quietly nestled between Switzerland and Austria (and not far from France), Lake Konstanz is a gorgeous city that is a great base if you want to bounce between countries.

We are lucky to have an incredible friend that lives in a small town not far from LK and is always happy to have us as guests.

Lake Konstanz or Bodensee is Europe’s 3rd largest freshwater lake. It is located under the Austrian Alps and combines with 3 lakes that connect to the River Rhine. It is beautiful to see in any season, we have been lucky enough to see it in Autumn, Spring and Winter, which has been our favourite season!

We enjoy driving around the lake and eating lunch on the lake front piers basking in the sun. LK is a often short stop for us to relax and catch our breath before we head out to do more exploring. Plus is great fun catching up with our friend.

The actual city of LK offers some great shopping and we always stock up on chocolate from Laderach. It is hands down the best chocolate we have eaten in the world. I often dream and crave their white chocolate raspberry blocks. You just can’t compare it Cadbury, Lindt or Max Brenner. It is just in a delicious class of its own.

If you ever get the chance to visit LK we thorough suggest you visit the town of Singen and see the Hohentwiel ruins. Spread across nine hectares, it is the largest fortress ruins in Germany. The enormous fortress ruins stand on an ancient volcanic cone with the first castle being built in 914.

You can drive your car up to the public car park but the rest is a walk so take a water bottle, you will need it. Visiting Hohentwiel is a nice and cheap experience of a few euros – I think it was 3-4 euros. As I said be prepared for a decent walk – the incline up the ruins is quite steep and it does get the heart pumping. You will need a good pair of shoes as the walk up to the castle is smooth cobblestone but well worth it. Once you reach the top, the view is just breathtaking and you’ll see the sheer size of LK and the majestic peaks of the Austrian Alps.

If it’s a beautiful day, bring some lunch with you, walk through the ruins, play hide and seek perhaps. We have been lucky enough to also experience it in winter, however, the upper castle was unfortunately closed but we still managed to see some amazing scenery in winter. It was so eerily quiet when we arrived, fresh snow, no footprints. As the morning progressed we saw the locals taking their dogs for a walk, families bring their children out to toboggan and cross country skiiers taking advantage of the open fields that lay beside the walking track.

I will admit to making a snow angel or 2, throwing some great snowballs at my husband and even stacking it down a slippery hill thinking I was some super coordinated explorer haha my butt begged to differ that morning.

From LK we like to visit Austria and Switzerland, we have done day trips to Zurich, Lucerne, Munich, Stuttgart, Freiburg, Mt Rigi and Feldberg.

Click on those separate cities to see what you can get up to and read up on our escapades!