If you have always considered to travel over to Europe (or Munich specifically) for Christmas, all we can say is YES. Do it, its unbelievable and so absolutely incredibly amazing. The feel of Christmas is everywhere, in shops, in cafes, in front of peoples homes, in the streets…. everywhere! This is what Christmas feels like! Oh, and if you’re lucky add the snow, some warm drinks like hot chocolate and you’re in Christmas wonderland where ever you are whether in Germany or another Country!

In Munich the Rathaus (the Gothic Town Hall) is flanked with cute wooden Christmas huts in Marienplatz, which creates a beautiful and spectacular setting for the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Markets or in German, Weihnachtsmarkt). These markets start on November 30th and go right up until the 24th of December – note, 24th of December is Germany’s Christmas Day so don’t forget!

All these huts selling mostly hand made unique Christmas gifts, treats and Bavarian Produce warm and cold. Be sure to get yourself some Gluhwein (warm wine) which is traditional for the Germans throughout Christmas. For the non-drinkers like us, they also have the Kids version which is non-alcoholic and tastes like a warm fruity sweet tea (actually really nice!).

Munich christmas 1 german christmas markets Christmas Markets (Weihnachtsmarkt), Munich Munich christmas 1 1024x683 You will find many hand drawn and even hand blow Christmas barbels amongst many other hand-made Christmas decorations and gifts throughout the Christmas huts.

Apart from the incredibly high traditionally decorated Christmas Tree also in Marienplatz (can’t miss it), concerns are held and played daily which allow you to look down at the sights of the market.

Just a short walk away is also the Krippelmarkt, with specialising in all things Nativity which is very common for most Bavarians and Germans a-like. You can pick something up that you definitely won’t find back home and not only will it be unique and charming, but likely hand made. If you’re wanting something a bit more ‘urban’ than head over to the Tolwlwood Market which offers again another different type of market which of course also includes plenty of food, drinks and gifts!




The Church across from the Rathaus also boasts a beautiful view over Munich that we would suggest you head over, donate a few dollars and head on up the long flight of stairs to look down at the Christmas Markets. As you can see below, the views are definitely worthwhile regardless what season it is!

So, if you haven’t visited Munich and have been to Europe or Germany in particular we would highly recommend and suggest doing so! Munich has so much to offer for every type of traveller, whether you’re an adventurer, interested in history, food, food, food, or culture, oh and lets not forget the Oktoberfest! For more information on Munich, its surrounds and what there is to see head over here!