Surrounded by bush, Callala Bay is a small beach town on the South Coast of New South Wales, Australia in the City of Shoalhaven in Jervis Bay. Callala Bay and surrounds are best known for its incredibly stunning beaches, crystal clear water and commonly seen Dolphins, Seals and occasional Whales, oh and lets not forget its great fishing!

If you’re here to see the beaches, there are plenty. Callala Beach, Callala Bay, Culburra Beach, Myola, Freemans, Long Beach, Huskisson Beach and the internationally famous white sanded Hyams and Greenfield Beaches. All the beaches are quite spectacular and won’t disappoint. Best of all, you will find parking at most beaches on the busiest of days. Our favourite still is Callala Beach of course!


You can swim, BBQ’ing at the beach, go fishing, sail, boating or surf as much as you like, although the waves aren’t brilliant at Callala – so you may have to try one of the other surrounding beaches in the area for that. Best of all, its safe for children and incredibly family friendly. If you’re into your water activities, Callala Bay does have a boat ramp and many other boat ramps are near by, so be sure to bring your jetski or boat for some fun on the water with your biscuit or even some fishing, squidding or just a casual cruise around the bay. Lastly, what good is all that bush if you can’t take your 4WD with you and have a bit of fun? Plenty of accessible tracks, many are clearly marked and offer some good challenges and more ‘scenic routes’!

So whether you just want to stroll along the beach or one of the walking tracks along the beach slash coastline, Callala definitely has something for everyone. And if you’re too tired, crack out the BBQ or some chairs on the beach or park, and have a drink or two.

Within 15-20m drive you also  have Huskisson, with plenty of great food options, the husky pub (great in the day, or night for a really nice meal) or if you’re wanting something a little more low key and maybe a few local drinks,  you do have the Callala RSL – its an RSL, so you know what to expect! For a more scenic experience, you can jump onto the ferry which leaves from Myola and goes to Huskisson which does then let you have a few drinks without having to worry about driving back.

Huskisson also offers a little more sight-seeing adventures including Dolphin and Whale watching tours, occasionally and pretty common these days you may see a couple fur seals as well! Best to check local sites and book in early to avoid any disappointment as its becoming quite popular for Sydney-siders to come down for the weekend!


There is plenty of wildlife throughout Callala and Jervis Bay from Kangaroos, Wallaby’s, Wombats, Echidnas, Cockatoos, Rainbow Lorikeets, Galahs, Lizards, etc! Some Kangaroos are quite friendly, but please be respectful to all the wildlife – do not feed them something from your ‘human’ diet and be aware that not all animals like to be ‘touched’ as they are wild, not pets.


Callala and other  surrounding Jervis Bay beach towns offer plenty of cottage holiday style accommodation that will suit everyone’s budgets including families. You can book through stayz, booking dot com and the usual websites.

Most properties come with ample parking for the whole family, possibly the trailer with the boat and many are within walking distance to the beach or water front. At worst case, a few minute drive in the car only.